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On the racing side, it’s the most intense training program ever devised for auto racing. We will make sure of that! Top veteran drivers and crew chiefs will take on the task of training the rookies and polishing them into winners ready for their STOCKCAR debut. The intense training time will bring out the most aggressive and skillful drivers who have the drive to succeed.

One of the twelve rookie drivers’ dreams will be dashed each week, however they will not be sent from the show! The eliminated drivers will be on the track with the weekly winners to “trade paint” on the track. Although they can’t win the show, they are still trying to impress all the owners and sponsors out there.   

The winner will then move on to their shot at a National STOCKCAR Series, and will truly live out the ultimate goal of every rookie driver who dreams of Racin' for a Livin'. Driver elimination will be based on scoring comprised of three components: lap times, scoring by a judging panel of STOCKCAR veterans, and their appearance and attitude away from the track dealing with the fans.  

Be there to witness the run of emotions as they go from one extreme to the next and everything in-between. Watch as the dreams of one of these rookie drivers ends right before your very eyes with each episode. When race day arrives, will the chosen driver rise to the expectations of the millions of fans that follow racing, or just turn out to be another rookie on the track?



Disclaimer - This is a General  layout  and maybe changed by the producers at anytime without notice. This show is not supported by NASCAR or sanctioned in any way by them. The winner will still be subject to all the rules and regulations for approval by NASCAR for competition.




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