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Experience their world, where one mistake could mean the loss of life or limb, while having the added distractions of sponsors and fame. The show will include fun with great entertainers and musicians who love the thrill of Racing. They will be carefully selected to fill a variety of roles including:

·         Interaction with the rookies and veterans, which entails a white-knuckle ride with a top STOCKCAR Veteran driver on a high-speed track.

·        Off-track action venues to include ATV’s, water sports, golfing, fishing, etc.

·         Lifestyle venues, the life of fame and fortune, 5-star all the way.

·         An Original Sound Track that will set the heart pounding beat to the action.

·         One-liner Comedy Cameo’s.

The show’s rookie drivers will take you through the ups and downs of their aspirations, dreams, and realities. You will learn how a driver becomes a pro. How the driver deals with his crew. How the driver schedules his or her time and coordinates how to live and win.                                           Continued



Disclaimer - This is a General  layout  and maybe changed by the producers at anytime without notice. This show is not supported by NASCAR or sanctioned in any way by them. The winner will still be subject to all the rules and regulations for approval by NASCAR for competition.




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